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preventative maintenance

The Challenge 

In many poorer remote areas in Africa there is no access to reliable energy sources. This makes it harder  for these areas to attempt to escape poverty. 

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The Innovation 

Hydrobox is a standardized, containerized remotely controlled power plant that solves many of the  challenges of hydro projects. Equipped with VUB designed smart sensors and using artificial intelligence  & blockchain technology, the Hydrobox allows remote monitoring & control, as well as predictive operation and performance. 

The Impact 

Hydrobox’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable access to energy in regions that do  not have this today. They offer an innovative turnkey solution that relies on the most efficient, affordable  and sustainable source of energy: hydropower. Together with their trusted partners, they develop small  hydro power plants that harvest the power of running water and then transform it into electricity for rural  households in developing countries. They believe that electricity will be the engine towards welfare and  growth in rural Africa. 

The Project 

They would like us to aid them in analysing IoT sensor data for preventative maintenance. As it is tedious  to reach these remote areas to fix a broken machine it is important to keep them working as long as  possible. Furthermore they would like us to look into forecasting energy supply for those villages so they  can allow the generators to work at optimal capacity. 

The project has been worked on by the AI department of the VUB who will join us in an collaborative and  advisory role as well.

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