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Predict future donation behaviour + Analyzing effectiveness of external communication using NLP

Introduction Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Cancer has a big impact on the life of patients en their surroundings. That's why Kom op tegen Kanker provides the necessary support, in the form of practical help, information, activities adjusted for the patients, financial support or a sympathetic ear.

To prevent cancer, battle it or alleviate the symptoms, a lot of aids are needed. Be it human or financial. That's why Kom op tegen Kanker campaigns 24/7 to unite as many people as possible in the battle against cancer. And every year we can count on thousands of activists to collect many against cancer.

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Project Definition 

Our team will analyse donation behaviour as well as create an interactive dashboard changing donations trends will be displayed. This will be paired with an analysis of the communication strategy.

Project members​

Project Responsible (Board):

Lennert Van Praet

Project Leader:

Fran Mattheus

Project Members:

Thibo Steyaert

Ian Kimpe

Toon De Neve

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