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Analysis of textual website data to uncover factors that affect cat adoption

About Zoetjes & Snoetjes

Zoetjes & Snoetjes, established a few years ago in Belgium, has been dedicated to providing a solution for the care and rehoming of stray cats. The kittens are taken care of in a loving and homely environment, ensuring they have a smooth transition into their new homes after adoption. Unlike many other shelters, Zoetjes & Snoetjes does not have a strict time limit for their feline residents. This patient approach has proven successful in giving even the shy, aggressive and leukemia-positive cats a chance at a brighter future through the right care and attention.

About Crunch Analytics

Crunch Analytics is an advanced data analytics agency that develops strategies, builds customized tooling & provides training for retail organizations eager to grow a data-driven organization. They want to challenge current conventions by using the ever-growing abundance of data and lever data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create lean & lightweight advanced analytics & AI tooling.

About the project

In this data project, we analyzed factors affecting cat adoption, considering background information like age and breed, as well as textual content from the cat's description on their website. Using NLP techniques, we sought to identify traits and words that made cats more appealing and resulted in a quicker adoption.

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Project members​

Project Responsible (Board):

Thibo Steyaert

Project Leader:

Hanne Van Impe


Project Members:

Jari De Vos

Diego Espinosa

Erin Olbrechts

Robbe Neirynck

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