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Concertgebouw Brugge ll

About Concertgebouw Brugge

Concertgebouw Bruges is an international cultural center in Belgium, encompassing music, contemporary dance, and sound art, as well as visual arts, literature, photography, and film. It acts as an open house, welcoming diverse artists, audiences, and partners from both local and international backgrounds. Through its activities, it actively engages with various parts of the city. The Concertgebouw aims to foster innovation in the arts by supporting artists at all stages of their careers and connecting them with diverse audiences. In doing so, it enhances the cultural reputation of Bruges and Flanders on the global stage. Additionally, as a cultural entrepreneur, it shares its infrastructure and expertise for conferences, corporate events, and cultural guest productions.

About Element61

Founded in 2007, Element61 is the leading Business Analytics, Performance Management, and Data Science consultancy company in Belgium. Since 2016, element61 has been a part of Moore Belgium. Today, they comprise the most experienced team in Analytics, Performance Management, BI, and Data Warehousing in Belgium. In their projects, their focus lies on coaching, co-development, and transferring expertise and knowledge to the client.

About the project

Building further on the previous project, we tackled questions regarding the demographic profile of Concertgebouw attendees, analysed various subscription models to identify the most successful one and its evolution over time, and explored strategies for increasing youth engagement.

Project members​

Project Responsible (Board):

Juline Rogge

Kwinten D'hont

Project Leader:

Senne Bosschem


Project Members:

Arthur Hollevoet

Seppe Thierie

Stijn Oosterlinck

Toan Pauwels

Warre Vannobel

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