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Assessing the health of beehives based on location-specific parameters

About BeeOdiversity

Beeodiversity, a Belgian company, is at the forefront of pollinator conservation. Their innovative beehive monitoring technology provides critical insights into honeybee populations, helping beekeepers and researchers address the challenges of bee decline. Recognizing the pivotal role bees play in pollination and ecosystem health, Beeodiversity's work is a beacon of hope for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity preservation.

About ML6

ML6 is a leading AI company, specializing in cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses. Their expertise spans natural language processing, computer vision, and custom AI applications. Trusted by companies looking to harness AI's power, ML6 delivers innovation and automation to drive success in the digital era.

About the project

For this project, we obtained data from beehives in both France and Belgium, including information on the presence of pesticides. Our goal was to assess the health of specific regions based on Acceptable Daily Intake and Acceptable Operator Exposure Level criteria.

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Project members​

Project Responsible (Board):

Guillaume Depraetere

Project Leader:

Kwinten D'hont


Project Members:

Laurens De Beule

Irene Parmentier

Thomas Decloedt

Henri De Clercq

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