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Introduction Natuurpunt

With over 100.000 members and 6.000 volunteers, Natuurpunt is the largest Belgian nature conservation organization. The long term protection of important habitats, species and landscapes is the main goal. To achieve this, they buy and manage nature reserves, study species and habitats, raise awareness and run educational programs for a general and specific public and lobby local and regional governments.

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Project Definition 

Under the supervision of Element61, an analysis of logs coming from will be conducted. This is an application where independent nature enthusiasts and animal spotters can log observations about certain species at a certain place and at a certain time. The objective is to use those logs to predict the real trend of a certain population, as the perceived presence of a species can be a crucial indicator for its state and whether the species is safe.

Project members​

Project Responsible (Board):

Julie Vanackere

Project Leader:

Sam Pauwels


Project Members:

Anastasios Tseros

Linye Lyu

Samuel Bakker

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